Transforming The Future of American Small Business Ownership

JL Capital Group invests in profitable, family-owned small businesses. We’re on a mission to build a network of companies that benefit their hard-working employees, customers, owners and local economies. 

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We bring 50 years of experience buying, growing and transforming US businesses


We built and sold the 8th largest refrigerated trucking company in North America


We’ve grown companies from zero to more than $150M in annual sales

American Small Business Owners Are Facing A Big Problem

American Small Business Owners Are Facing a Big Problem

99% of companies in the United states are small businesses – but the next generation simply don’t have the interest make them a success like the owners before them.

At JL Capital Group, we understand that small businesses are the engine room of our economy and the cornerstone of our communities.

The JL Capital Group Solution

Legacy By Design For Your Family-Owned Small Business

We provide retiring owners with a streamlined financial exit plan and grant a portion of the equity to the employees over time. Creating a legacy of employee ownership for the seller and stock wealth for hard-working employees. The result is a financially durable company that can prosper for generations to come.  

Business Owners

We buy and manage companies to help business owners secure their future and retire with confidence.


We give investors the opportunity to partner with us as we buy cash-flow-positive organizations.


We put wealth back in the hands of hard-working Americans with an employee ownership business model.


Joseph Land

A Message From Our Chairman

Hello there, it’s Joseph here – Founder and Chairman of JL Capital Group. If there’s one thing you need to know about our company, it’s this. We’ve designed a new approach to buying, building and transforming family-owned American businesses.

The key to improving the value of our companies is giving a stake to everyone involved. As we create financial growth, we ensure a lasting legacy for family-owned small businesses and the hard-working employees at their core.

This is the future for winning in business.

If, like us, you’re committed to doing good things and generating wealth in the right way – we invite you to connect with us and join this movement. Whether you’re a small business owner or an investor, click the button below to connect with us today.

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Portfolio acquisition sectors include:

Home Service Utilities

Repair & Maintenance

Distribution & Manufacturing

Education & Training

Discount Retail



Businesses Not 100% Reliant On CEO

Our Approach

We buy.

Business owners sell to a reputable, reliable team with a proven track record of operational excellence. They retire with peace of mind knowing their family is set up for a future of financial security.

We share.

We grant a percentage ownership over time to its most valuable resource - its people. Employees earn stock and can see real value from company growth. Business owners leave their legacy in safe hands.

We grow.

JL Capital Group assumes active roles in the business to design and implement the right strategies for continued success. The result is a financial durable company that will last generations to come.

Why Choose Us?


The north star that guides everything we do -  our principles and the will to do good in our lives dictates the way we handle business with our partners.


We bring 50+ years of expertise in starting, growing and operating companies from $1 million to more than $100 million in annual sales


Over the years, we’ve put together a proven roadmap for growth that is designed to improve enterprise value and return on investment


As a business owner or investor, you can feel confident in your partnership with us as we cultivate rock-solid financial outcomes for you and your loved ones

Building Businesses That Power Tomorrow’s Economy

JL Capital Group specializes in business transformation and value enhancement. We work in the best interests of the business, its employees, customers and owners to develop great organizations that form the foundation of generationally durable companies.